McArthur Island

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1665 Island Parkway Kamloops

McArthur Island Park is a must visit for the active tourist. Golf, soccer, football, baseball, and cricket games can be viewed as you stroll around the perimiter of the park on the paved trail.

Unorganized recreational pursuits include walking, jogging and rollerblading on a 3.1 km paved perimeter walkway. Much of the walkway passes by unique and natural riparian areas and the deck along the south side provides a relaxing rest spot and a place to observe many different birds.

McArthur Island Sports and Events Centre 
A 1200 seat N & L arena, an 800 seat Olympic ice sheet and a curling rink. Recent renovations now offer 9 full size soccer fields, 1 super 8 soccer field and 2 baseball fields from rookie to midget ages.